Writing while Autistic

I made it! April is finally over and I kept my blog generally positive throughout Autism Month. I can go back to my normal schedule where I complain and rant, something I’m looking forward to after biting my tongue for an entire month. Happiness!

What to write about then? Lately I’ve been busy with real life things. April ended without me being able to finish quite a few entries I’ve been working on. Even so, I noticed that many bloggers I follow kept making (quality) updates. This made me think about these writing processes as well as my own. If anyone wants to share their writing process, please do! I’m very curious. I also wonder how being autistic influences my writing, because I’m sure it does.

Okay. It starts like this. I get an idea. What is this person’s writing process? How about mine? Does my writing process differ from others? Wait, I use the same type of process for my blog as I did for my academic papers. Could this be a topic? Fine, now it is.

For example, this idea came to me yesterday. I then spent my time thinking about what to write and how. This is the most time consuming part for me. Much time is spent staring at the ceiling collecting thoughts and ideas. After this is done, I turn these into words and sentences because I mostly think in images. While translating colourful arrows flying around in a world of glitter into words is taxing, I also enjoy crafting sentences. I find this to be a bit like finishing the last touches to an art piece, or having finishing a dish and then adding the last decorations to the plate.  So very satisfying.

When I finally sit down by my computer, which might not start until several days later, I start by writing these sentences down.  My writing then turns into a game of connecting the dots where I try to string these ideas and sentences together to make a coherent post. I find this very frustrating and I’m very likely to quit, or at least take a break. When I finally return to my writing I tend to change it rather drastically. A lot of copy-pasta being thrown around and then it’s finally time to look over and edit specific sentences. When I’m happy (or to be fair, get frustrated once again and give up) I press the publish button.

My relationship with writing is complicated. I both love and hate it. Writing is very frustrating, but at the same time I also find it very rewarding. So far, writing for this blog has been more fun than I could ever have expected and I hope I’ll be able to keep it up for a long time.