This seems interesting, let me find out more

Suddenly, it happens. Something catches your eye. Something interesting. SO very interesting. And that’s it, really. Whatever plans you have already made don’t matter anymore, you’ll be damned before you quit what you’re doing now. You’re not stopping until you’ve found out all there is to find out about this lovely subject. You’re lucky as well. There’s so many sources, so much information, and hey, at your best most of it sticks after one read-through! The best thing about this? It could be anything, really. History. Linguistics. Perhaps just comparing things. This is seldom predetermined, it might be a surprise even to you; this very interesting thing.

If you are autistic, you have probably already guessed what I’m talking about. I’m referring to what autism experts refer to as ”special interests”, a well-known stereotype when it comes to autistics. I’m not very fond of the expression ”special interests”. It not only pathologises autistics, the phrase is nowadays used for NTs with uncommon interests, but in a positive light.

To be honest, a lot of things that interest me. This seemed to confuse my therapists who desperately wanted to narrow down any ”special interests” before and during my autism assessment. It doesn’t work like this for me. I love storing information in general. I’m lucky, this world is filled with so many interesting, amazing things.

When I was a kid I liked ferries, and especially Stena Jutlandica (a much better ferry than Stena Danica, I swear) which used to operate between Fredrikshavn and Gothenburg. I also collected My Little Pony. When I got older I got into the English language (not that you can tell) because I wanted to talk to people all over the world. Learning English enabled to talk to and join with fans across the globe. I spent a lot of my youth in the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fandoms. Delving into worlds full of characters and lore is one of my favourite things in the world

I’ve always loved animation. Nowadays I mostly watch anime, but any good animation will do. I find key frames and a high hps nearly orgasmic. My love for the animes Kyousougiga and Uchoten Kazoku got me really interested in the temples of Kyoto. In 2014 I made an attempt to visit as many of them as I could in a week’s time.

I love aesthetics. Pretty things, simply put. Anything can be devastatingly beautiful. A leaf. A tiger. A dress. Really good typography. Seeing beautiful things not only makes me happy, but also energises me. When I lived in London I visited the Victoria & Albert Museum as often as I could. I tried my hand at becoming a designer, because I love beautiful things. Sadly, creating these things myself wasn’t for me.

A friend got me into Playing World of Warcraft about ten years ago. Vanilla was ongoing and I loved exploring Azeroth. It didn’t take me long to re-roll on a role playing server. I’ve played back and forth since then, but I’m now heavily invested in this world. I have eleven level 100+ characters, all with their own names, personalities and backgrounds. I love their individual reactions to being sent to the Broken Isles… for both the same and yet very different reasons.

Politics and social justice have been important to me since I was very young. Throughout my life I’ve learnt more and more as I’ve gotten older.  I decided to study social sciences and languages (samhällsvetenskapliga programmet med inriktning språk) in high school. I later ended up studying the humanities, culture, linguistics, discourse etc at university. All this knowledge, and knowing that I know less than I think I do (which means that there’s so much left to learn) is at the core of my being. It’s why I’m running this blog. It will likely influence my future. Without my passions for these subjects I wouldn’t be capable of storing this much information. I wouldn’t be autistic. I wouldn’t be me. And because there’s so many things yet to explore, I’m glad to be me.