Welcome to Asymmetra. Asymmetra was supposed to be a project primarily in Swedish because I was planning to comment and analyse Swedish culture, disability law, as well as being a woman of colour in this country. But because the international Autistic Community is awesome as well as much bigger and ahead of the Swedish community when it comes to progressive views on disability, I also publish texts in English.

My name is not Asymmetra, but it would be totally cool if it was since I’m an autistic Indian. I’m an international, interracial adoptee which comes with its own can of worms. On top of this, I didn’t receive my autism diagnosis until late 2015. I have ever since been stuck in what seems to be never ending Swedish bureaucracy. I spend my spare time trying to forget this, by cooking, gaming, baking, fangirling, painting, and reading everything from fan fiction to scientific reports. Every now and then I hang out with friends.

Asymmetra was created because I’m done staying quiet. Here I blog about autism, neurodiversity, ableism, feminism, racism, politics, my own life as well as everything in between. Both the blog and I are openly hostile against all types ableism, racism, sexism, homo- & transmisia and classism. I no longer aim for equality, I want liberation.

For updates, questions and suggestions, feel free to contact or follow me at @photon_barrier on Twitter.