Getting my autism diagnosis pt.2

Besides the reoccurring ableism, I quite enjoyed getting assessed for autism. As I’ve written earlier, it started out rocky, but in the end it turned out to be a rather fun experience.

For example, I got to talk about myself a lot. Without being questioned in the way you usually are by therapists (fine, it’s their job but it still really grates on my nerves) that is. Talking about myself in this setting taught me a lot about myself that I for some reason hadn’t figured out, but are obvious in retrospect. I also learnt about NTs. I’ve spent my entire life thinking I experienced the world like most NT, so this was quite an eye opener. And I loved it. So many things suddenly made sense. I’ve always been very curious and suddenly I was given a one in a lifetime experience: re-discovering both myself and the entire world. I now ponder how NTs see the world. They always miss so many details, after all. If I seemed like a control freak earlier, I finally got the tools and narrative to understand that I take in information differently. I was able to forgive myself for struggling with, or not being able to do certain things NTs consider easy. I learnt a lot of valuable life lessons during my assessment. Of course I’ve moved on the the much cooler Autistic Community where I’ve learnt even more, but I’m still very thankful for this start.

To my own surprise, I also found the other tests enjoyable. After my therapist explained them thoroughly, I understood how to solve quite a few, something I thought would be impossible. If left to my own devices, I have trouble following simple instructions and I am not able to get out of the second room in Portal.

All in all, I think I got really lucky. It took less than half a year between being asked if I wanted to get assessed to receiving my diagnosis, which I think is uncommon. Both the short time frame, but also that I didn’t have to fight for getting assessed. During my assessment I also had a competent therapist who treated me well and didn’t have a noticeable pathological view of autism. Luckily for me, this turned out to be a fun experience I am happy I went through.


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