Kickoff: Autism aware… no, acceptance

That time of the year is drawing near, that dreadful one I wish I could just sleep through. Autism Awareness Week is already here, Autism Awareness Acceptance Month is coming up between the 2nd and 22nd of April.

During April, I will use this blog to celebrate autism and actual autistics. We are too awesome to deserve awareness only, being compared to a piece of puzzle, the colur blue or worse. Instead of lighting it up blue, I’m going #REDinstead and instead of awareness I’m aiming for acceptance. To join the celebrations, go to #REDInstead on Twitter, or the Facebook group in Swedish here.

I usually blog in Swedish, but for Week + Month most entries will be in English since I want to partake, discuss and celebrate with the bigger, international community. For more information on autism acceptance month, go here. To read more about the author and this blog here.

Currently there’s three entries in English;

Var inte orolig om du fördrar att läsa blogginlägg på svenska. Blogginlägg på svenska är planerade och kommer fortsätta igenom april, dock inte i samma takt som vanligt.



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